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Spotlight On Wunan Staff : Cherie McAdam

Posted by  on 27/09/2012

Indigenous Money Mentor – Cherie McAdam

Cherie McAdam is an Indigenous Money Mentor working with Wunan in Kununurra. The success Cherie is achieving is testament not only to her commitment to helping Aboriginal people but to the unique understanding she has of the Aboriginal community. Wunan believes that creative and innovative solutions are necessary to assist Aboriginal advancement and Cherie is proving the point.


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Cherie McAdam, Indigenous Money Mentor Kununurra

Published in the NAB Reconciliation Action Plan 2013, p.

Cherie McAdam joined NAB’s Indigenous Money Mentor network in 2012 to work with clients in the
East Kimberley of WA. Cherie is based at Wunan in Kununurra and works directly supporting clients in their transitional housing program. She is passionate about helping her people
create a stronger financial future, including preparing them for owning a home and protecting their asset.

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Moneybird: Cherie McAdam book is a terrific resource for financial counsellors

By Wayne Warburton
National Financial Counsellors' Resource Service

It was a great privilege to meet Cherie McAdam at the
recent Finanicial Counselling Australia annual conference in Sydney. Cherie is a single mother of six children, who was raised in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia and is now working as a Money Management Worker in Northern Queensland. She has endured many hardships and her life story of overcoming adversity is inspirational.

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Financial Matters are brought back to earth

Published in The Kimberley Echo,  by Alicia Bridges
Updated November 12, 2012

Cherie McAdam is employed by Wunan to provide financial advice under the National Australia Bank Indigenous Money Mentors program.

Through her work she gives people advice on how to adapt their lifestyles to meet their budget. Ms McAdam said the first step to helping people change the way they manage their money was to identify how they can improve their finances.

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Cherie McAdam – 2013 Outstanding achievement awards

money smart

Every year, MoneySmart delivers Achievements awards in order to encourage improvement and good practice over time.

In 2013, Cherie received an award in the “Individuals” category.

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