Moneybird: Cherie McAdam book is a terrific resource for financial counsellors

By Wayne Warburton
National Financial Counsellors' Resource Service

It was a great privilege to meet Cherie McAdam at the
recent Finanicial Counselling Australia annual conference in Sydney. Cherie is a single mother of six children, who was raised in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia and is now working as a Money Management Worker in Northern Queensland. She has endured many hardships and her life story of overcoming adversity is inspirational.

As an Aboriginal woman, Cherie is acutely aware of the connection between people and the land and its creatures. As a money management worker she is also aware of the different personality characteristics that can lead people into trouble with money. In her new book, Moneybird, Cherie combines the two. In Moneybird, the reader can identify with a particular kind of bird
that may have characteristics like them, and reflect on how those characteristics impact on the way they use money. The aim of the book is to guide people to a place where they can be like a ‘superbird’, smart with money but also kind of heart. Moneybird is a terrific resource for financial counsellors and can be ordered by ringing the publisher on.

Download Sharkwatch, Vol 14, Number 2, June, 2013

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