Cherie McAdam – 2013 Outstanding achievement awards

Every year, MoneySmart delivers Achievements awards in order to encourage improvement and good practice over time.

In 2013, Cherie received an award in the “Individuals” category.

Below is an excerpt of the article published on MoneySmart website.

Cherie McAdam

OA-Cherie-McAdamCherie McAdam is a Qualified Financial Counsellor working in the East Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Cherie is passionate about interpreting complex issues in the world of finance. Her book Moneybird was written to show people why they continue to fall into the same traps in the world of Money.

Cherie’s hope is that Moneybird’s frame work can be utilised by workers in the field of money management to take people from ‘their desert to their promised land in the world of finance.’

Judges’ comments

 ”Cherie is an outstanding practitioner and creator of financial literacy education and information. The Judges applaud her passion for financial literacy and her innovative approach to connecting with her local Aboriginal community.

Her book, the ‘Money Bird’, is a highly effective   example of culturally appropriate education.   The Judges are pleased to see that it is gaining the recognition it deserves.

Cherie has demonstrated strong leadership qualities in her community and the Judges wish her all the best for her future work.”

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