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Hello you mob,

Thank you for visiting my website – you being here means that you’re curious about how my products can help you understand the complex world of finance and that is exciting for me!

As a single mother of six children who was raised in a small town in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia I understand the daily challenges of trying to balance a household budget and trying to remember who I need to pick-up from school. I also know what it’s like to balance cultural and family obligations and have a life time of experience to leverage – as an Aboriginal woman, born in Wyndham but raised in Halls Creek of Gidja and Djaru parents.

My work ethic is a gift from my family – two working class people who along with my five siblings gave me solid ground to stand on. That work ethic has given me the tools and discipline I need to set financial goals like saving up for an end of year trip to the Gold Coast so I can give my kids an experience they’ve never had.

You’re probably wondering why I decided to go into the field of Money Management? Don’t worry at first I wasn’t sure either. It actually took me four years to feel comfortable and more importantly confident about the importance of money, how it can be used to change your lifestyle and what I need to do to achieve my financial goals. It was during my time as a Financial Counsellor that I realised there was more to working with people and their financial issues than facts and figures.

I used my experience, kept track of the questions I had running around in my head, recorded when I was confused or uncomfortable, and paid attention to my clients and their spending (and saving) habits. Why did I do all of this? Because I started to see patterns and realised that once people recognise and understand their personality type (or the type of bird they are) then they can start to make plans to stop falling into negative traps when it comes to how they handle their money.

My belief in this material is based on the results I have been able to get for the people I care about, my clients. I am hoping as you read my books and my ideas that you will come to recognise why you may be failing in your money choices.

Recognising your style it is a BIG first step and once you’ve done that I’m available to help you understand what you can do – through planning, reducing your debt, saving for that deadly family holiday or just being able to treat yourself – to reach the epitome of managing your finances in the form of the Eagle personality.




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